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Barbie, meatballs, crabmeat or get over it???

A guest post by the one and only Steve Archut!!!

March 9th is a special day.  It is National Barbie Day, National Meatball Day, National Crabmeat Day, and my favorite, National Get Over It Day.

Of those amazing topics though, which one is most popular on social media. I could look at hashtags on Twitter or what my friends are talking about on Facebook to get a rough idea, but that probably won’t be totally accurate.

To get a view into which of those days are most popular, I used Watson Analytics for Social Media.


National Barbie Day is the clear winner with Get Over It and Meatball lagging behind. Apparently no one knows it’s Crabmeat day. What a shame because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good crab cake.

Watson Analytics for Social Media allows you to quickly look at a range of analytics on what you’re analyzing, from share of voice, demographics, geography, even sentiment.